Flower Photography

Photography is a pleasurable and relaxing hobby.  With a camera in your hand, you just have to walk about, look and observe, and wait for that perfect moment  which you can immortalize with a snap of your camera.  

This page aims at displaying the photos taken by some of our students.  Relax and enjoy the beauty of flowers!

A selection of these photographs was chosen to be enlarged, printed, framed and used to decorate a section of our school's foyer.  Some other photos were also selected in order to create a 2012 calendar.  It was very difficult to choose, since the majority of the photographs taken were of excellent quality.  Well done girls!

The following slide show includes the photos taken by Rachel Powell, a Form 5 Biology student.  Rachel has also submitted 2 photos with corresponding articles for the YRE competition. Rachel chose the following titles for her articles:  Natural Beauty or Human Disaster, and The Murder of Wied il-Ghasel.  It is now official that Rachel placed second with The Murder of Wied il-Ghasel photo, and fifth with Natural Beauty or Human Disaster.  Well done Rachel.

The next slide show includes photos taken by Stephanie Vassallo, a Form 4 Biology student:

Chiara Zammit, another Form 4 Biology student, took the following photos whilst walking through Ta' Qali park.

Yanica Said photographed flowers whilst hiking at Fomm Ir-Rih.  Yanica, also a Form 4 Biology student, uploaded her photos on the website Photobucket.

To view Yanica's photos click here

Jana Vella, a Form 4 Biology student focused on a variety of wild flowers. The following are her photos:

The following slideshow exhibits photos taken by Martina Micallef, a Form 4 Biology student:

The following are Maronia Magri's photos, taken during the field trip organised on the 5th April, at Il-Qammieh, Mellieha.  Maronia is also a Biology student.

Elaine Calleja, another Form 4 Biology students, managed to photograph a variety of flowers during the field trip at Il-Qammieh, Mellieha.  The following is her collection of photographs:

The next collection of photos is presented by Sarah Farrugia, another Biology student.

The next set of photos were taken by Lara Camilleri. Lara is a Form 4 Biology student.

Rebecca Shaw is another keen Biology student, and also a good photographer as can be seen from the following slideshow:

Nicole M. Muscat has been studying Biology for the last 2 years.  The following is her collection of photos.

The next set of photos is presented by Claire M Attard, another Biology student.

The final set of floral photographs is presented by Jasmine Gatt.  Jasmine has been studying Biology for the past two years.