This website aims at integrating two different subjects, Art and Biology.  Although these two subjects may seem apart from each other, they have common topics, one of which is Nature.

Nature is mostly associated with Biology.  Biology is the science of life and all living things.  Every aspect of life from the smallest  microscopic living thing to the largest and most imposing of plant and animal species is included in the study of biology.  The main emphasis in this website will be on some of the rich biodiversity found in the Maltese Islands.  The Biological aspect will be dealt with by some Form 4 Biology students, at St.Theresa Girls JL, together with their teacher Ms Nathalie Scerri.

In this website, one can also notice that various artistic works are related to nature and the environment.  Art students at St.Theresa Girls JL, together with their teacher, Ms Romina Briffa,  will present some of their works, to show how nature can be integrated in art.  They will also try to show how nature is made use of in everyday life, such as in buildings, in furniture, in typical local villages and in Maltese folklore.

Ms Joanna Młynek, a Polish teacher, and her students will also contribute to this website. They will obviously focus on the Polish nature and environment.

Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay close to Nature.  
It will never fail you!