Alternative Uses of Flowers

A relationship between people and flowers has existed since the early ages.  Flowers are mostly appreciated for the beauty of their colourful and scented blooms.  However, the use of flowers goes beyond this.  Flowers are also used in food, medicines and beauty products.

Some flowers are edible.  The Borage, for example, has a cucumber-like taste, and can be added to salads, wine or used in crystalline form to decorate cakes.

Several flowers have traditionally been used in tonics, teas and infusions.  For example, an infusion of Marigold flowers is thought to be good for poor circulation.  Fresh or dried Bergamot flowers are sometimes used as a sedative.

Flowers are also frequently added to beauty products.  For example, Elderflowers may be used in an infusion to soften the skin.  An infusion of Chamomile can be used as amouthwash.

The list of flowers and their uses is endless.  The following presentation aims to show the function of a number of flowers as alternative medicines.
Cucumber salad with Borage
Marigold Flowers
Orchid, Bergamot and Chamomile infusions
Herbal Tea Chart