Floral motifs present in Maltese culture.

Art never happens in a vacuum, but it is a living reflection of what goes on in the world around us. Through the study of Art History it has always been clear that all artists have created their art in the light of their personal lives or have been affected by the physical cultural heritage which surrounds them.

In the Maltese culture, floral motifs are very common.  They can be easily identified in the Maltese architecture.  Floral motifs are regularly included in the fascinating natural limestone carvings, which decorate our  buildings, cathedrals, palaces, fortresses, churches and fountains.

Inlayed floral motifs may also be found in antique Maltese furniture, in Maltese filigree and ganutell and other accessories. Floral motifs are also very popular at carnival time. Various floral patterns decorate the amazing carnival floats that make our Carnival unique.

For this reason apart from observing paintings and works by Georgia O’Keeffe and experimenting with photography art students embarked on an interesting quest of observing and taking pictures of floral motifs present in the Maltese culture. The following are some of the photographs taken by the art students.

The first slide show includes floral motifs identified in the Maltese architecture.

The next slide show shows the use of flowers in furniture:

Floral motifs are also very popular in filigree, ganutell and other accessories, as the next slide show indicates.

The final slideshow shows how flowers are used during carnival time.