The Murder of Wied il-Ghasel?


In Mosta lies what was once the most quaint and prosperous of all the Maltese Valleys: Wied il-Għasel. This valley, as the name implies, was famous for bee-keeping. Forces of destruction   Species which once charmed this valley like the Sicilian Spider Orchid, can no longer be seen.

Although the Mosta Local Council claims that they organize various campaigns to clean the valley, a survey in Mosta revealed that astonishingly 65% of the residents did not know anything about Wied il-Għasel of which 25% did not know it even exists. What was even more impressive was the amount of rubbish found in the valley, with more than 100 different items recorded and even off roading is practised!(Environmental Project Analysis 2011)

 Action must be taken to safeguard the valley; rubbish should be cleaned, off roading should not be allowed and more information should be given about Wied il-Ghasel. Let’s help the environment!

Article & Photo by Rachel Powell, Form 5 Biology, submitted for YRE competition 2011